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the best subscription model for CD Movement

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Create the subscription model which will be implemented in the existing website and explore the produced content that how the immersive experience of users be improved.


Research Interview

Data Synthesis


Card Sorting

Lo-Fi Wireframing


Defining the problem statement

Research Interview

Competitor Analysis


Card Sorting

Ideation & MVP


Users of online yoga programs want to improve their mental and physical well-being with consistent yoga practice, but find it challenging to maintain their motivation.




We started by conducting interviews with 16 yogis varied from beginner to advanced level instructors, while the beginner and intermediate (regular) yogis were found as the larger cohort who are looking to advance were likely to practice online.

Seeking yoga for

sustainable maintenance of body, behaviour and mental health.



Folding Yoga Mat

Regular yogis have issues with motivation.

..Harder to be motivated online due to no one keeping yoga accountable..

..Sometimes real life classes can feel like an obligation..

..Sometimes the motivation is, well, I've paid for it, so I have to go. And that doesn't feel like real motivation..

Yogis need the following to enhance accountability.

  • motivated by financial commitment

  • motivated by physical attendance

  • motivated by setting goals and tracking process

Flexibility of classes

..If I'm really busy, that's what makes the app really good, cause then I can just fit it into my schedule..

..I can do it at any time, for however much time I have free..

..liked variety of class lengths for different context and fluctuating levels of motivation..

Yogis will

  • enjoy the time-flexibility of online practice.

  • have strictness of scheduled classes lost.

  • expect wide variety of class styles and lengths.

Choice of instructors

Yogis will want the ability to choose their instructor according to preferred personalities and styles.

..I want my instructor to be enthusiastic that's what keep me engaged..

..The verbal instructions almost need to be better. Because you can't watch it the whole time..

Frustrations - Online classes



Yogis felt uncertain with lack of correction. Mostly they would want their instructors to check if they did correctly and need micro correction instantly.

..I need someone to tell me how it would feel if I'm doing it right verbally, like really clearly..

..I need explanation of the movement and body placement as it is really important to me..




There are some yoga apps available in the market. We observed some users left their complaints about the following features. Other than the technical issues, we summarized the points as followings.

Difficult to cancel subscription


between apps and website

Unable to

download to watch offline

Bad catagorising and filtering

Lack of subscription and billing communication



We grouped the pain points, behaviors and wanted features from our interviewed yogis at regular and advanced levels respectively.


Regular Yogi

Maintaining practice and practicing more regularly

Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate

Experience in years, practice on a weekly base

Have some experience in person yoga

Advanced Yogi

Driven to advance and deepen their practice

Skill level: Advanced

Practice >3 times / week

Have tried online yoga and dislike it




We created 2 personas, regular and advanced yogi to help us in understanding their subscription levels and design the appropriate models.

Card sorting



We categorized the wanted and unwanted features, and free services that are expected by yogis who subscribed.

Key insights from card sorting

Unwanted features

receiving feedback or corrections from the community

Wanted features

receiving feedback or corrections from the professional instructors they trusted

Free services

Session preview prior to practice

Bookmarking & filtering functions

Paid services

Syncing personal calendars and health tracking apps

Ability to set goals

for practice and received tailored recommendation

1 on 1 sessions

Gained access to exclusive content as

an awards


In order to tackle the issues, we brainstormed a few solutions in the crazy 8s section. We then arranged them in the MVP quadrant according to their levels of values and difficulties.

Project Scope Template - MVP.jpg

We gathered the points and ideas from above to desgin 3 subscription models, including basic (free), premium (paid) and the add-on (one on one).

We have presented it to our client and received positive feedback.

subscription model.jpg
Next steps

4 key ideas that would benefit CD Movement with further development

  • Users want to be able to set goals and intentions in order to receive feedback and tailored session recommendations according to interests, goals, limitations and lifestyle.

  • Users want to schedule sessions in the same way you would in live classes. 

  • Feedback & correction from 1 - 1 session, particularly for the advanced users.

  • User has the ability to select their instructors.

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