How did I start doing photos and videos?

Hi, I'm Levin. I am happy that you find me here! Back to years ago, I was impressed by an advertisement, which was promoting a brand of sunglasses. The ads was full of shots of mountain bikes jumping and drifting. With super slow motion captured and a punk rock background music, my eyes were attracted! I started to be interested in sports photo and video production. Later, I was invited to handle photography and videography job when I was recruited by a dragon boat team. 

I used my friend's handheld camcorder to shoot everything, and did the basic editing. Throughout the time, I gained skills of PS and VFX. I would describe myself as a self-taught photographer and videographer, but I also joined a training program of filmmaking. Meanwhile I followed professional crew to have shooting practice.


Hi !


Illustration & Animation

I used to do illustration and motion graphics. A moving tile, subtitle or a small scale cartoon can help drawing more attentions. And then I'm a big fan of anime. It's because the facial expression, the action and the mood in anime can be presented more exaggeratedly! And sometimes it will be more funny too :-)

Making 2D anime is a tough job. Traditionally it needs to be drawn frame by frame, so a few seconds of final product can consume a working team a week or more. But it's worth! Rather than drawing frames, I dive into depth of Live2D programme in order to achieve flawless motion.